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traditional crystal chandelier with modern led lighting
crystal chandelier A crystal chandelier, with its ornate, light-bearing arms, provides a dramatic focal point to a large room or entry hall.  It is ceiling lighting in its most glamorous and alluring form.

Chandeliers originated as a means of holding multiple candles, thus providing more light, when single candles could not effectively illuminate an entire room.  The use of cut glass or crystal tiers served a practical purpose as well as a decorative one – to fracture and disperse the light further.  Fine traditional crystal chandeliers, with their elaborate lead crystal drops, are a beautiful sight, sparkling and shimmering as the light reflects off each facet.

crystal chandelier Primitive chandeliers were used in medieval times to illuminate large churches and cathedrals.  By the 16th century, decorative chandeliers had become popular features in the palaces and homes of the wealthy.  During the 18th century, chandeliers became more ornate with the addition of highly refractive lead crystal, which scatters light efficiently.  Since the introduction of electric lighting, crystal chandeliers have become more highly valued for their decorative effect than for their illuminative capabilities.

crystal chandelier in Wieliczka salt mine, Poland Crystal chandeliers are composed of many small lights and thus avoid one inherent drawback to central ceiling lighting.  These decorative fixtures should be used for general ambient lighting rather than for serious task lighting, and are best suited to large spaces with high ceilings.

Here on, you will find several crystal chandelier manufacturers and importers as well as shops offering chandeliers and accessories.  For a broader selection of ceiling light fixtures, including pendants, recessed lights, and track lighting, please visit our lighting fixture website.

Shop for Chandeliers and Parts

  • Bellacor > Chandeliers
    Bellacor is an online source for chandeliers and all types of lighting fixtures.
  • Chandelier Parts
    Features chandelier parts for all types of chandeliers and light fixtures.
  • Shimmer Lighting
    Offers custom made European crystal chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures.
  • YLighting
    This California-based lighting retailer offers modern and contemporary chandeliers that can add style and personality to your living space.

Chandelier Manufacturers

  • King's Chandelier
    Features crystal chandeliers of beauty, elegance and quality.  Offers chandeliers and chandelier parts.
  • James R. Moder
    One of the premier manufacturers of crystal chandeliers features creative designs and quality craftsmanship.
  • Schonbek
    Founded in 1870 in Bohemia, this firm is a designer and manufacturer of crystal chandeliers.
  • Fredrick Ramond
    US manufacturer of designer quality chandeliers and lighting fixtures.
  • Vienna Crystal
    Maresch Kristall Leuchten is an Austrian manufacturer of fine crystal chandeliers.
  • LuckyGlass
    Czech manufacturer of Bohemian crystal chandeliers and enameled chandeliers.
  • Waterford Chandeliers
    Irish manufacturer of crystal art objects, stemware, and gift items.
  • Holtkoetter
    German manufacturer of quality chandeliers and lighting fixtures.
  • MuranoNet
    Italian murano glass lighting fixtures include modern and classical chandeliers.

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